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The Kappa Upsilon Chapter of Winona State University is one of the top chapters in Delta Sigma Pi. KU has achieved the Chapter of Excellence level each semester since it has begun (That is the highest level achievable and only 6 other chapters have done this). This past year, KU again was awarded Chapter of Excellence and also awarded the honor of having the most outstanding professional activities in our region.  Along with those two prestigious awards, Kappa Upsilon was also awarded the R. Nelson Mitchell Outstanding Chapter award in our region. If you do choose to pursue The Kappa Upsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, not only are you following an outstanding fraternity, but you are also pursing an outstanding chapter!

If you are interested in learning more about Kappa Upsilon or joining our prestigious chapter, please contact our Senior Vice President, Lauren Bloom at

Amanda Grober 

​​​​​​​Vice President of Chapter Operations

Reed Johnson

​​​​​​​Vice President of Pledge Education

Lauren Bloom

Senior Vice President

Business Administration & Human Resource Management major

Training and Developement minor

Mollie Bortner


Business Administration & Human Resource Management major

Training and Development minor

Anna Astergaard

Vice President of Community Service

Kennedy Jilot

​​​​​​​Vice President of Professional Activities

Cole Leary


Grant Anderson

​​​​​​​Vice President of Finance

McKenzie Newman

​​​​​​​Brotherhood Chair

Zach Newman

Fundraising Chair

Delaney Prinzing

Scholarships and Awards

Rob Woodward

​​​​​​​Vice President of Alumni Relations

Bailey Kreisler

Public Relations Chair

Forrest Seuser

​​​​​​​Social Media Chair

Courtney Schmaltz


Nathan Wick


​​​​​​​Claire Birk

​​​​​​​Brady Barnes

Olivia Anger

​​​​​​​Bethany Allen


Rashini Punchihewa

​​​​​​​Brian Flackey

​​​​​​​Mary Emery

​​​​​​​Anneliese Davis

Daychia Lee

​​​​​​​Cole Leary

​​​​​​​Jack Larson

​​​​​​​Jamie Gits

​​​​​​​Angela Miklasz

McKenzie Meyers

​​​​​​​Samantha McDonald

Jayda Mackenthun

​​​​​​​Samuel Nielsen

​​​​​​​Shelby Neumann

Brianna Nemec

​​​​​​​Chase Mouch

​​​​​​​Alexandra Stellrecht

Elizabeth Schamber

​​​​​​​Vivica Rosenberg

​​​​​​​Cameron Potter

​​​​​​​Nina Wiley

​​​​​​​Courtney Weekes

​​​​​​​Eric Stumpf

Alec Stifter